Burghfield Santas Introduction:

The Burghfield Santas are a group of local residents that create fun events for the residents of Burghfield and the surrounding area to raise money for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local charities.

It all started with Santa Cruise 16 years ago when a group of mates went out for a few drinks after making and wrapping many presents. We wore our red suits and raised a little money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. We did this again and again and somewhere along the way we realised that charity fundraising (and beer drinking!) is not just for Christmas and so we started to run charity events all year around including our pop-up pub, The Bulging Sack and Burghfest our annual beer and music festival. 

Over the years, we have raised over £250,000 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local charities.

Now we need your help, each year we work with a local brewery to brew a beer for us for both our summer openings of the Bulging Sack and Burghfest, which runs over two days. This is where you come in. 


We want you to brew our beer for this year. It will be sold most Fridays & Saturdays through the summer on either cask or keg, then on both at Burghfest. It’s a fabulous prize, but there’s more. It’s not compulsory, but the winner or winning team might want to be available for a day in third week of June because we’re partnering with Elusive Brewing and you’ll get the opportunity to help brew your beer at scale. Andy Parker has generously agreed to work with you to scale up your home brew recipe and brew it on his kit in Finchampstead. We promise we won’t make you wear Santa outfits for the whole day!

We will split the prize brew between cask and keg, so your beer needs to:

  • work at cellar-ish temperature from cask and chilled from keg. For judging, it’s up to you how you present it.
  • be a properly sessionable beer, ideally about 4% so in the range of 3.5 to 4.5%. You will need to submit Original / Final Gravity readings along with your target ABV. If you are a bit over / under we can fix that in the scale up brew, but please try to get as close as you can.
  • have wide appeal, edge cases won’t sell well.
  • be financially viable to brew at scale. Aim for around £30 total cost for Malt, Hops, Yeast and any other ingredients for a 23 litre brew. We need to know (scaled if necessary) rough ingredients and cost for 23 litres.

Individual and team entries are welcome, however due to the size of Elusive we’re probably limited to four people for the brew day.
Finally, the style. Well, we’re not restricting that, you can do whatever you like (see above!)


We recommend you come along to the RAB meeting on Thursday 7th April from 7pm at The Grumpy Goat, when we’ll formally launch the competition and might divulge some more information about what kinds of beer tend to be popular with the Burghfield Common bunch.

Entries are not being restricted to RAB members, but we ask everybody to sign up to obtain your entry number and enter the details of your beer (please email us if you still wish to enter). The judging will take place during RAB’s May meeting on Thursday 12th May at The Castle Tap and the winner will be announced on the night.


  • Complete entry form
  • Judging will require: 3x 500ml bottles of your beer entry – bring them on the 12th May.

Judging will be by an expert panel of Senior Santas and Elusive’s own Andy Parker who knows a thing or two about keeping us under control as well as doing a mighty fine job on the brewing front.

We look forward to tasting your beers. Good luck.
Much love,
Santa x